Secure the Border

A secure border means a secure country. We have recently experienced dramatic changes in the world by allowing terrorists to regain power and making decisions that were not well thought out. The unintended consequences may still impact us directly in the US. A secure border is critical for our safety and security.

Public Safety

There has been a coordinated effort to demean and diminish the role of law enforcement in this country. Never has there been a time when we need a trained and equipped law enforcement presence than right now. Our police deserve our respect and our resources. I have always stood for the enforcement of our laws and a strong defense.


Recent scores in Math and English in our Arizona public schools were dismal. If we cannot teach children the basic subjects they will fail in life. We cannot concede education any further. Children deserve an education that guarantees future success. Time to remove inappropriate content and politicizing in our classrooms.

Election Integrity

The right to vote is the most basic civil right. Every legal vote must count and our elections must be fair and free. Elections put people into power and in those roles they determine where money will be spent, who receives benefits, and how the government will exercise its power. We must prevent cheating.