Kari Lake, Arizona Governor Candidate

"As Governor, I'm going to need partners willing to wade into Washington, D.C. politics, take on the swamp, and stop the Biden-Pelosi madness. I have zero doubt that Kathleen Winn will do exactly what she says, and work with me hand-in-hand to secure the border, ensure election integrity, and stand up for our Second Amendment rights. That's why I'm proud to endorse Kathleen Winn. It's time to take back our country, stand up for Arizona, and drain the swamp. Please join me in supporting Kathleen Winn for Congress so we can put America, and Arizona, First!"


Congressman Paul Gosar

We have serious problems in Arizona and in America, and we need serious people to standup and fight for the right solutions to those problems. From a broken southern border, to water issues, election integrity, energy independence and national resources, transportation and infrastructure, and the ideals of freedom and liberty. That’s why today, I am pleased to endorse and support Kathleen Winn for Congress in Arizona’s Sixth Congressional District. Kathleen is the only candidate in the race that has the background, experience, and conservative principles to tackle the tough issues in Washington DC. Arizonans and Americans expect less talk and more action from Congress and that’s what they’ll get with Kathleen Winn.Kathleen is the partner I need on the Capitol Hill to stand with me against the establishment and the swamp and promote strong conservative, America First, and UltraMAGA policies. She’ll fight with me to secure our southern border and ensure that our elections are not stolen and manipulated. She is unapologetic 2nd Amendment support and will fight for Arizona’s water, energy, natural resource, and transportation needs.I’ve been called the most dangerous man in Congress by the left, elect Kathleen Winn so I can have the most dangerous woman in Congress helping me make America and Arizona great again.


Mark Finchem, Arizona State Representative and Candidate for Arizona Secretary of State

I am pleased to endorse Kathleen Winn For Arizona Congressional District 6. Kathleen has been with me on the border learning about the lack of domestic security and border protection; she has been with me since early in the hearing process to examine what is now known to be a deeply flawed 2020 election. I know Kathleen Winn well, and I am confident that she will stand for the values of southern Arizona - life, liberty and the right to protect them both.


Ryan Zinke, Former Secretary of Interior and Candidate for Congress

Kathleen Winn has my complete and total support. Kathleen is a strong conservative voice and I am confident she will serve in Congress with distinction. She is a winner!


Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General

Today, I wholeheartedly endorse Kathleen Winn for US Congress from Arizona’s 6th Congressional District. Kathleen has demonstrated time and again her commitment to strong and secure southern border. She is the only candidate in the race that has fought human trafficking and drug trafficking and has saved lives with her efforts.She has also been on the forefront of election integrity in Arizona and is the fighter and partner I need in Congress to ensure that voter fraud and ballot shenanigans are stopped once and for all.Kathleen stands for unequivocally and unwavering support of 2nd Amendment and right to keep and bear arms. She is conservative, pro-President Trump, ultra-MAGA, and apologetically pro-American.I hope you’ll join me in supporting Kathleen Winn for Congress in Arizona’s Sixth Congressional District.

Endorsement from Congressman Andy Biggs

Congressman Andy Biggs

"I am pleased to announce my endorsement and full support for Kathleen Winn, a proven leader and fighter. Kathleen will fight to defeat inflation and restore our economy. Kathleen will fight for America’s energy independence, our 2nd Amendment rights, and to make us safe by securing the border. No one is more prepared to go to congress and represent Southern Arizona. Please join in me in supporting Kathleen. Please vote, Kathleen Winn for Congress."


Joe Arpaio

Tucson, AZ – former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, affectionately known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” today threw his support behind Kathleen Winn in her bid for the new Arizona Sixth Congressional District.

“Kathleen has always been a strong conservative and I have always admired her work with, and support of, law enforcement,” Arpaio said. “She always supported my tough on crime policies when I was Sheriff and her work on anti-human trafficking, and saving the lives of women and reuniting them with their families, is unmatched. There is no better person that Arizona can send to Congress that is better equipped to fight to secure our nation’s southern border. Arizona needs a win and the win is Kathleen Winn.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement of such a notable and accomplished individual as Joe Arpaio,” Winn said. “His service to Arizona and America is commendable. I’ve worked with him countless times over the years, whether it be in the law enforcement space, or to advance the conservative agenda. I am looking forward to our continued work to make Arizona and America safe from dangerous human traffickers and criminal enterprises, and take the fight to the Biden Administration and the Washington DC swamp and demand a secure southern border.”

Kathleen Winn lives in Tucson, AZ with her husband Al. She has seven children and fourteen grandchildren. The new Arizona Sixth Congressional District includes all or parts of the following counties: Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, Pima, and Pinal.


Maricopa Sheriff Association

Maricopa County Colleges Police Officers Association endorses Kathleen Winn for Congress.

The members of the MCCPOA serve as Police Officers for the Maricopa County Community Colleges District Police Department. Our members consist of experienced police officers, many of whom are subject matter experts recognized throughout the state.

For the past four years Kathleen Winn has served as an elected Governing Board member of the Maricopa County Community Colleges District Governing Board, which oversees our police department.

Throughout Kathleen Winn’s tenure, she has been a staunch supporter of law enforcement, the rule of law and due process. Kathleen Winn has also shown the willingness to do the hard hands-on work of stopping sex trafficking and human trafficking. Kathleen Winn created a non-profit that works with law enforcement across the state to actively retrieve and remove victims of sex trafficking and human trafficking from their abusers.

The MCCPOA is proud to endorse Kathleen Winn for Congress.


Right Women PAC

Kathleen Winn will be a valuable voice in Washington, DC, as our nation continues to emerge from the economic downturn. As a small-business owner with experience in real estate, banking, and lending, Kathleen understands how important it is for Washington to foster economic growth, allowing business owners to do what they do best – create new jobs and opportunities for all Americans.

Winn will fight for more border security. Living in a border state, she understands the perils of the disastrous open-border policies the current administration has pursued, and she will work tirelessly to reinstate the rule of law and to enhance border security.

A dedicated member of the community, Winn has helped develop various programs to protect vulnerable children, seniors, trafficking victims, and veterans. Winn has spent her entire career identifying solutions to complex problems, and she is always looking for ways to apply her problem-solving skills to vulnerable populations.

“Kathleen doesn’t just say she supports America’s troops. She and her husband have spent years serving veterans and helping to address their concerns,” Rosel Cloud, a board member of Right Women, noted. “Kathleen directly meets the needs of our men and women in uniform, as well as the needs of their family members. Kathleen chaired the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, and raised millions of dollars in scholarship funding for children of Marines.”

“Kathleen is exactly the right choice for Arizona,” added Cindy Biggs, another board member of Right Women. “In her role as executive director of Project 25, a non-profit organization combatting sex trafficking, she has proven to be a fierce defender of human dignity. Winn has consistently been a voice for the voiceless, whether speaking up on behalf of trafficking victims or advocating for unborn babies, and she will continue to be that voice in Washington.”

Right Women PAC’s mission is simple and strategic: to help elect genuinely conservative women to Congress. Right Women only endorses women candidates who demonstrate they are: pro-Constitution, pro-life, supportive of the Trump America First agenda, staunch defenders of the Second Amendment and law enforcement agents, and advocates for border security, religious freedom, Israel, and our veterans.


Arizona conference Police and Sheriffs

The Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs (AZCOPS) is a statewide organization representing thousands of police officers across the state of Arizona. Following extensive research by the AZCOPS Legislative Committee. AZCOPS is proud to announce our endorsement of Kathleen Winn in her campaign for Congress.

AZCOPS examines a number of factors in determining which endorsements are appropriate. We look at the record of accomplishment of candidates, their willingness to work with the leadership of our member organizations, and the nature and conduct of their campaign and groups that contribute to their campaigns. We were impressed with Kathleen's dedication to a positive campaign and her support of law enforcement.


Sonny Borrelli, Arizona State Majority Whip

Kathleen Winn is the right choice for Congress, she has my full support. She was on the forefront of fighting for election integrity and uncovering fraud. She has been a strong voice in efforts in anti-human trafficking, she worked to protect seniors, women, and veterans. Kathleen will standup for Arizona and against swamp. She is conservative and her father proudly served the US Marine Corps. Southern Arizonans would be well served by sending Kathleen Winn to Congress.


David Bossie, Chairman and President of Citizens United Political Victory Fund

"I’m proud to endorse Kathleen Winn in AZ-06. True America First conservative Kathleen Winn will fight for the Trump agenda. I trust Kathleen will be a leader on election integrity, border security and law & order in Congress. Kathleen will always defend the Constitution & fight the failed Biden agenda that's caused record inflation & crushing gas $$. We need political outsiders like Kathleen in Congress who understand the urgency of the moment & can solve Biden's crises with fresh ideas."


Catherine Engelbrecht, Voter Integrity Advocate


Christie Hutcherson, Women Fighting for America


Cindy Biggs, Wife of Congressman Andy Biggs

It is both my pleasure and my great honor to endorse Kathleen Winn for US Congress / AZ D6.

I have known Kathleen for over 20 years, originally in the capacity of a professional relationship, but then in what would become a great friendship. She is the type of person that anyone would cherish having as a friend and in their corner. She is someone who can be counted on in the toughest of times, always there for a helping hand and willing to roll up her sleeves to get the job done. I’ve personally witnessed some of Kathleen’s professional achievements, and know her to have the attributes as noted below:

  • She is a devout Christian, loving wife, proud mother of 7, and beloved grandmother to 14 grandchildren, which lends itself to her strong sense of being Pro Life.
  • She is the daughter of a US Marine and married to a man who worked as the VP on the Apache Attack Helicopter Program, both of which gives her a clear vision of being Pro Military and Pro 2nd Amendment.
  • She lives in the border State of AZ, which has given her first hand experience witnessing the atrocities that an open border brings: drugs, cartels, illegals, and sex trafficking. It’s through witnessing these atrocities that she dove into becoming a subject matter expert, in particular dealing with sex trafficking. She has worked tirelessly to recover 7 missing children, and she continues to work with survivors of sex trafficking.
  • Through her tireless efforts on the border and with sex trafficking, she has become well respected within the AZ county sheriffs and law enforcement communities.
  • She is very involved with the medical industry, fighting against vaccination mandates and preventing nurses from losing their positions. She has fought in Federal court on behalf of over 6000 nurses in the community college system and preserved their right to continue their education uninterrupted.
endorsement from Conservative Freedom Lovers

Conservative Freedom Lovers

For Congressional District 6, we choose Kathleen Winn. She has a strong moral compass and we believe she will not shy away form the tough issues. Her knowledge of trafficking of children and drugs is evident from her past experiences.